The First Annual Middle School STEM Day

By: Dana Bernstein

The first annual middle school STEM day took place on Friday, May 20th. Activities included guest speakers on a variety of STEM topics, Rube Goldberg presentations, engineering projects, and a celebratory lunch where the middle schoolers enjoyed eating several animals that they had previously dissected!

AVS parents shared their expertise and gave talks on topics like Protein Synthesis (Dr. Henry Maun), Astrophysics (Dr. Bart De Pontieu), Bird Adaptations (Dr. Shana Katzman and Dr. Greg Tranah) and The Science of Dance (Jo Kreiter).

Following the lectures, the students sat down to a “Biology Potluck Banquet.” They had the opportunity to sample caviar, smoked salmon, shrimp, crab, a variety of flavored chicken wings, gummi worms and REAL mealworms in a chocolate crumble desert! The vegetarian options were fresh fruit, salads and a veggie tray. The banquet showcased a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates students had studied in class.

Next up? Rube Goldbergs and mousetraps or catapults! Students engineered some very complex Rube Goldbergs, all involving several steps with the ultimate goal of putting toothpaste on a toothbrush.  For the engineering project competitions, the students took turns launching their catapults and demonstrating their mousetraps.

Congratulations to all of the middle schoolers and middle school teachers on a fabulous first AVS Middle School STEM day!