Interviews with the Classroom Pets of 1-A

Bam Bam
Bam Bam the bunny.
3 dogs
Remy, Betty and Dalek








Guppies and snails

Has anyone noticed all the creatures in the first-grade classroom 1-A? If you haven’t, there are quite a few. Aviator News interviewed them to get the lowdown.

Aviator News: Hey white dog, what are you and where do you come from?
Betty Larkin: I’m Betty and I’m a poodle. And I’m not exactly sure I appreciate your tone, but I’ll answer your questions anyway. I’ve recently been adopted from the SPCA by the first grade teacher Dawn Larkin. I’m a very sophisticated dog and prefer lots of quiet time and gentle cuddling, although I do rather like to come out and sniff around the science experiments if they’re on the floor. Oobleck, for example, I rather like licking freshly made Oobleck.
Aviator News: Who’s the other white dog?
Betty Larkin: He’s a poodle too, and he’s my brother. He also has a name, Dalek. We’ve had those names our whole lives and we came to the SPCA due to some very stressful and unfortunate circumstances. We had to be adopted as a bonded pair and we can’t be separated. Psssst, just between you and me, Dalek won’t go for a walk without me . . . he’s a bit shy.
Aviator News: Dalek, what’s the name Dalek mean and how did you get that name?
Dalek Larkin: Names mean things? Well, I had no idea. I thought Dalek meant “come here and get a snuggle” or maybe “come here and get a snack.” Dalek doesn’t mean “snuggle-time love-fest eat-food now?”
Aviator News: What do you do in the classroom?
Dalek Larkin: Well, kids like me . . . so maybe I’m there to be liked. They laugh at me too, so maybe I’m there for poodle relief.
Aviator News: I think that’s comic relief.
Dalek Larkin: Nope, I’m a miniature white poodle. Oh, we go outside at lunch time for a walk around the school. Now that’s poodle relief.
Bam Bam: I’ll tell you what poodle relief is –no poodles! Or any dogs for that matter.
Aviator News: And you are?
Bam Bam: I am the most evolved species of this classroom, a rabbit. Children come to me as I sit upon the edge of the rug listening to everything and insuring that all the information given is correct.
Aviator News: Wow, you must have encyclopedic knowledge.
Bam Bam: You bet I have that. Now back to sniffing and nibbling, if you don’t mind.
Remy: Hey, there’s another dog here, Remy, don’t ya know. I bet you like ol’ Remy, good ol’ Remy, yep, that’s me, a great and happy and excitable dog about the size of a loaf of bread, with a head, four legs, a tail, and a red sweater, of course. Yep, good o’ Remy. Who wouldn’t like me? Can I smile at you? Alright, I thought that’d be okay. Remy. Don’t forget. Remy, the chummiest, happiest, friendliest dog of the bunch. Yep, that’s me, Remy. Don’t you just like saying my name? Go ahead and say it fifteen thousand times, I don’t care. Remy, Remy, Remy, Remy!!! Remy! Did I mention me, Remy? Your pal, Remy. Hey, let’s run really fast. Okay, go . . . . . . I won!
Aviator News: Wow, there’s an aquarium here too. What do you creatures inside do?
Guppies: (speaking at once): We prefer the term “habitat” or “biosphere” to refer to our aquatic habitat. We school in the school. We make baby guppies too and exhibit the miracle of life. It’s so cold in here. Can you turn up the heat, please?
Aviator News: Aviator News is not authorized to turn up the heat. Can’t you put on little guppy sweaters?
Guppies: No! No! No! Please t-t-turn u-u-u-u-p-p-p the h-h-h-h-heat!
Aviator News: Is that a frog and some snails in there?
Herbivorous Snails: Run! Here comes the carnivorous snail! He’s here to keep our population down! Run!!!!
Carnivorous Snail: I’m here for the escargot . . . hmmmm, delish, and the price is right!
Aviator News: So there you have the low down on the zoo beat in 1-A. Although there has recently been some new construction on a terrarium in the hallway right outside 1-A, so I guess there’s more to come. Stay tuned.