4th Grade Persuasive Essays

Voting Rights in America!

By Charlotte F.

Have you ever thought about the percentage of eligible voters who actually vote? Well that’s not enough. Only 58% of eligible voters vote, that’s just over half! I believe that 15-17 year olds should be  able to vote on city matters. Firstly, every American citizen gets the right to vote. Also, most city matters affect 15-17 year olds more than adults. For example, school board, parks and libraries. Lastly, it is a proven fact that children who vote young are more likely to continue to vote in the future.

First of all, every American citizen gets the right to vote. People think democracy is one of this country’s strengths. A democracy means everyone has the right to vote. However, 15-17 year are in high school, they pay sales tax. Are their voices represented in the government? No. You will have to agree with me that the whole economy’s voice should be heard, Right? Young people need a say in the government!

Don’t you agree with me that if someone is most affected by something that they should help make decisions about it? Apparently, the government does not agree. The school board affects who teaches them, they at least should be able to vote on that. Additionally, schools and park`s matter most to kids. Clearly, participating in what you are learning about in school is good for you, these kids are learning about the political system in school.

Finally, there has been a scientific study that people who vote young are more likely to continue voting in the future. Democracy relies on voting, and believe me, we don’t have enough voters. Also, this will allow parents to guide their children through the civic process. In addition, only 58% of eligible voters voted this election.

While researching for this essay, I realised that these children are almost adults, they deserve this right. They are mature enough for this right. 15-17-year-olds should be able to vote!

Everyone Should Have Mindfulness


By Mira C.

 Have you ever had a really frustrating or stressful day? There are three reasons why I think that everybody should have mindfulness in their day. Reason number one is mindfulness takes away stress. Reason number two is mindfulness helps when frustrated. The third reason is mindfulness can make your day a lot easier.

Mindfulness takes away stress. For example,when you’re in a rush and you’re really stressed out just take some deep breaths and you will feel a big difference. Also, if you are really upset, or stressed out about an assignment you can do some mindful movement such as yoga, painting or dance, or you can  just do  some of your hobbies. Another thing you can do is just being present in what you’re doing will help with being less stressed out on what you’re doing will help take away stress. And just not worrying so much. That can help.

Secondly, mindfulness helps when frustrated. If you are frustrated or upset about something, instead of yelling and freaking out  you can calm down and take a few deep breaths, and then you will feel a big difference.  Also you can stop focusing so hard on what you’re doing. After you calm  yourself down you will feel a lot less frustrated.

Why does mindfulness help? Mindfulness helps, because when you’re frustrated or angry your amygdala won’t let the messages that need to be sent to your prefrontal cortex.  When that happens that causes you to not be able to think or focus on what you’re doing. When you take deep breaths or do some mindful movement, that will calm your amygdala .When you calm the amygdala, the amygdala will let the messages that need to be sent to the prefrontal cortex be sent to the prefrontal cortex be sent.

Additionally, mindfulness is a great way to make your day easier. Just by trying to avoid freaking out and getting really frustrated, it makes your day and the people around you have a much easier day. Also some other ways how you and others can use mindfulness to make your day easier are you can avoid stress by doing mindful thing such as taking deep breaths reading a book or yoga, and some other things you can do to make your day easier is by thinking on the bright side or as others like to say the positive side of things. All of those response of why mindfulness is a great way to make your day easier makes most people happy, so therefore just being happy can make other people happy!

Lastly, this is important because everybody needs to have a good day in order to focus and think. Also it’s important to be able to not get frustrated as much so that your prefrontal cortex  gets the messages it needs to get through your day. In conclusion I think that everybody should have some mindfulness in their day!

Why Dogs are the Best Pets   

By Helen C.

Do you ever wish you had someone who constantly wanted to play with you and didn’t have anything to do but pay attention to you? Dogs, in my opinion, are the best pets, because they can guard your house, they can help you stay healthy, and most importantly, they’ll be your best buddy! Dogs only ever pay attention to you and will never forget you.

My first reason is dogs can guard your house.  For example, if someone is harmful, they can sense danger so they will bark. If someone were to enter your home,  they would have to deal with a barking dog, and an angry owner. Additionally, dogs can prevent and or scare robbers away by growling or barking. Even if they’re not big or scary, your dog may still seem as a threat.

Next, dogs will keep you fit. While walking and playing with your dog, you get lots of great exercise. Also, training your dog is good too because you get to run around and play while training them. If you’re  going on a nice hike, why not bring your dog? Or maybe while going out to the beach, bring a pet and play fetch. These are all things that will help you stay healthy.

Finally, a dog will be your best friend! They love you and make you feel better if you’re sick. They cheer you up when you’re sad with all those adorable tricks and those big sincere eyes. Dogs also follow your moods. If you’re happy, they’ll start running around and playing with you. If a close family member has just died, they’ll be sad and act all glum.

Basically, I love dogs and think they are the superior pet. Thinking of all the dogs in the world without homes, if you get one, it makes one dog’s life, great. I hope you now agree with my statement, “I think dogs are the best pets.” You won’t regret it.

Storytellers: Then and Now

By: Jen Hoggatt, Middle School English


In the span of ten days, three 5th graders — Mia, Cia and Evelyn — were tasked with the job of collecting the stories of three elderly residents: Claire, Jim and Jean. They live at the Buena Vista Manor House, which is located in a quiet, serene neighborhood in San Francisco. This project consisted of conducting several interviews, hours of writing, and some seriously devoted afternoons tinkering with sound bytes and voice recordings.

As a group, the storytellers collected youthful narratives, stories of change, stories of success and failure, and accounts of endless experiences, some of pain and joy. Telling the story of what used to be was an opportunity to better understand the past, to integrate with an older generation, and learn how to connect with profoundly wise people who have lost some part of their memory.


What do these senior citizens have to tell AVS middle schoolers? — To read, to explore, to never stop learning, and to develop a love of history. After all, they are living history!

Here are some of the values shared by Jim, Claire and Jean: try to be kind every day. It’s okay not to be perfect. Learn from love and loss. Learn not to be afraid.

Also, they taught these digital natives that they grew up without devices! Imagine that!

The most important lesson Mia learned from doing her interview — “You shouldn’t wait around to do things; you should do them when you have the chance.”

Thanks for listening!

Jen, Katie, Mia, Cia, and Evelyn